In this article I'll help you setup a script in your browser, that will withdraw all your pending invites from LinkedIn

DO NOT ATTEMPT THIS WITHOUT WATCHING THIS VIDEO FIRST. It is imperative to follow the directions closely: CLICK HERE

Step 1: Add this script in your Chrome Browser

Open Bookmarks Manager in your Chrome Browser.

Click on the 3 dots on the top right corner of your chrome browser and click on Bookmarks -> Bookmark Manager.
(Shortcut: For Windows: Ctrl+Shift+O, For Mac: Cmd+Option+B)

Click on the 3 dots on the top right corner of the bookmarks page, and select Add New Bookmark.

Name this Bookmark as LinkedIn Withdraw Invites Button.

Below that you will find another field called URL. Paste the script following script.

javascript: (async function () {function clickAndWait (sel, time = 3000) {return new Promise(function (resolve) {sel.scrollIntoView();;setTimeout(function () { resolve(); }, time);})}const NPS = '.artdeco-pagination__button--next:not(.artdeco-button--disabled)';const LIS = '.mn-invitation-list li:last-child *[data-control-name=withdraw_single]';const CFS = '.artdeco-modal .artdeco-button--primary';let nxt = document.querySelector(NPS);let lst = document.querySelector(LIS);while ( nxt || lst ){if (nxt){await clickAndWait(nxt);}else{await clickAndWait(lst, 1500);await clickAndWait(document.querySelector(CFS), 1500 );}nxt = document.querySelector(NPS);lst = document.querySelector(LIS);}})()

And finally, click on Save Button.

Make sure you move the botton to the Principal Bookmarkbar. It should look like the image below.

Step 2: Execute this script on LinkedIn

First, you need to open LinkedIn Invitation Manager or navigate to

Go to the last page and Click on LinkedIn Withdraw Invite Button that we created in the previous steps.

This will start the script and the withdrawal process will be started.

NOTE: DO NOT withdraw more than 400 pending invites daily

IMPORTANT: To stop this script simply refresh the LinkedIn page and that will stop the script
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