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LinkedIn could restrict you from sending new invites if you accumulate 1500-2000 or more pending invites.

How to view Pending Invites?
Go to your CloudKennect Dashboard, scroll down and you fill find the number of pending invites.

How to access Pending Invites on your LinkedIn Profile?

Click here to view Pending Invites

If you have over 1500, that's why you got restricted from sending new invites

We suggest you start withdrawing those invites. Withdraw the old ones first.

How to mass withdraw? Check the following Article Withdraw All Pending Invitation with just One-Click
Please please please watch the following video before completing this task. It is imperative to follow the directions closely: Click here to watch video
How to avoid having a lot of pending invites?
When setting up your sequence, we suggest you set the Withdraw request if not accepted anything in between 5-10 days

What should I do, if get restricted?
Please read this article What is LinkedIn Jail?
Creating a LinkedIn Support Ticket
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