Whether your account got disconnected to LinkedIn, Sequence is Out of Target Audience or you’ve been restricted and entered into a cooling period. It could be disappointing that your lead generation tool has stopped working.

In this article, we will give you an insight on how to fix it, what to look for, and how to get your account up and running.

Verify that you are connected to LinkedIn

Look on the top right corner of your CloudKennect account. The following article will guide you Connect to LinkedIn Kennected and Linkedin Account Not Synced

If it’s connected to LinkedIn, then look for CloudKennect Notifications (Sequence is out of Target Audience or Account under cooling period, Trouble sending new invites)

The Sequence is out of Target Audience - Blue or Yellow Triangle Next to Sequence Name

No matter how many search results you have on your target audience, LinkedIn will only allow you to see up until page 100 ( 1000 prospects ). Once Kennected reaches 100 pages, we will notify you that you ran out of Target audience.

What to do?

Verify if your search actually ran out of target audience.

If your search was 550 and you enrolled 547 that is CORRECT. Your sequence will change to Completed after all messages in the queue are completed.

If your search is 7,000 and you enrolled 990 then that is NOT TRUE. If this is the case, please follow these steps:

Click Here To Watch Video Sequence is Out of Target Audience
Step by Step Article How To Refresh Your Target Audience

Account under Cooling Period, Trouble sending New Invites

Why did this happen to me?
In efforts to keep your LinkedIn account healthy, your Kennected Account will stop sending new invites during a period of 6-72 hours.

What might have caused this?

More than 1500 pending connections or close to that number on LinkedIn. Check your Kennected Dashboard to find how many you have. If you are over 1500 or close, start withdrawing the invites one by one or reach out to our support team for help.
You may have been too active on LinkedIn.
- LinkedIn tracks your activity. If you started using Kennected without being too active on LinkedIn it’s best that you start with our lowest plan in order to warm up your account, instead of sending 60-100 invites daily even if you have a premium or sales navigator account; especially when having an account under 500 connections.
- Using multiple automation tools at once. When using Kennected we suggest you use only one automation tool at a time.
- Manual and automated outreach. Maximizing your efforts on LInkedIn will get you better leads without a doubt, but using Kennected and sending manual invites could get you restricted.
-**Power Searcher Tag** - If you have a Free LinkedIn Account and currently enrolled to a plan for 60-100 invites daily, you might encounter an invite restriction called "Power Searcher" Click here - How to Remove the Power Searcher Tag
-**LinkedIn Jail** - If you’ve been restricted from sending invites using Kennected, find out if you are able to send manual Invites Click here - Am I in LinkedIn Jail?
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