Issue: The sequence is out of target audience.

Scope: Extension and Cloud version ( Blue or Yellow Triangle Next to Sequence Name )


No matter how many search results you have on your target audience, LinkedIn will only allow you to see until page 100 ( 1000 prospects ). Once Kennected reaches 100 page, we will notify you that you ran out of Target audience.

First: Verify if your search actually ran out of target audience.

If your search was 550 and you enrolled 547 that is CORRECT. Your sequence will change to Completed after all messages in queue are completed.

If your search if 7, 000 and you enrolled 990 then that is NOT CORRECT. If this is the case, please follow these steps:

Go to the Sequence tab, choose the sequence that has the issue and click on "Pause" under Action.

Click on the 3 dots under Options and select EDIT

Go to your target audience URL. Make sure that it will lead you to the Linkedin Search Result list.

Navigate to the next search page, copy the URL, paste back to the target audience underneath your original URL, click ENTER on your keyboard and select Next.

Submit and Continue with your Sequence.

Wait for a couple of minutes until the sequence recognizes the link.

*If this still doesn't solve the issue after several minutes, kindly check if you have been either tagged as a power searcher or have placed you in LinkedIn Jail.

Note: If you already pasted several links on same sequence, please create a new one using the updated link: Clone your sequence and use the recently copied Search URL.
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