Open a google chrome browser access your Zapier (Premium account is needed) , ZOHO CRM and CloudKennect account.

Step 1: Make a Zap

Open Zapier and select Make a Zap

Choose a Trigger, look for Webhooks by Zapier

Select Trigger Event - Catch Hook

Custome Webhook URL

Copy URL

Go to CloudKennect, select Webhooks, paste the URL, Test Webhooks and Save

Go back to Zapier and click on Continue

Test Trigger

This will be the data that will be pushed through as a Test to your CRM, click on Continue.

Step 2: Choose an Action

Look for Zoho CRM

Selection an Action Event

Click on Continue

Select your ZOHO Account and click on Continue

Customize Module Entry

These are the modules for ZOHO

Customize your Module and Click on Continue

Select Test & Continue

Verify that your data pushed through and populated in Zoho.

Turn on Zap (A Premium Account is Required)

Step 3: Turn on Zapier in Kennected

Go to Kennected

Go to your sequence, and Edit

Turn on the Zapier switch and Select one of the following triggers.

You have successfully integrated Kennected to Zoho!
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