Search for your Target Audience on LinkedIn

Go to your LinkedIn Profile

Start your search with quotation marks (") and type the keyword of the position, company, or keyword that you are targeting.

Enclose the phrase in quotation marks if you want to target a multi-word title and combine keywords with boolean expressions like AND, NOT, and OR during your search.

If you would like to search prospects with several titles in their profile use the word AND.
In case you would like to target different prospects in one search use the connector OR.
If you would like your search to exclude a title use the connector NOT.

Hit Enter and start your search

Select People

Click on Connections, click 2nd and 3rd and Apply

Filter your search by Locations

If you would like to filter your target by Industry, Companies, Language and Interests click on All Filters

Once you have defined your target audience on LinkedIn, copy that URL

Paste the URL on Define Target Audience

Press Enter on your keyboard and select Next

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