Step 1: Catch hook / Webhook

Please check out our previous video called "Zapier Integration"

Step 2: Connect App ( Salesforce CRM)

Look for Salesforce

Create Record in Salesforce

Select a specific Event (Create Record)

Click on Continue

Choose your Salesforce account

Click Add a New Account

Click on Continue

Select Customize Record

Select Lead

Choose the properties (First name, Last name, email, company, phone number, etc) you would like to populate from Kennected to your CRM

Click on Continue

Send a sample test to your CRM by clicking TEST AND CONTINUE

Go to Salesforce and check the information pushed through from the Test Lead

Turn on Zap

Make sure you have a Premium Zapier account in order to turn on your Zap

Remember to name your Zap related to Kennected.

Step 3: Turn on the Zapier Switch

Create a Sequence

If you had previously created a sequence, click on the 3 dots under options and Edit.

Find the switch for Zapier and turn it on.

Select the trigger

You are all set!!
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