Create a sequence for your 2nd & 3rd-degree connections.

Step 1: Create a New Sequence

Click on Add New

Select Sequence Type ( Invitation Sequence )

Name your Sequence related to your target, select Working Hours and click Next

Step 2: Search for your Target Audience on LinkedIn

Click on LinkedIn Search or Sales Navigator, the link will redirect you to a LinkedIn tab.

Start your search with quotation marks (") and type the keyword of the position, company, or keyword that you are targeting.

Enclose the phrase in quotation marks if you want to target a multi-word title and combine keywords with boolean expressions like AND, NOT, and OR during your search.

If you would like to search prospects with several titles in their profile use the word AND.
In case you would like to target different prospects in one search use the connector OR.
If you would like your search to exclude a title use the connector NOT.

Start your search

Select People

Click on Connections, click 2nd and 3rd and Apply

Filter your search by Locations

If you would like to filter your target by Industry, Companies, Language and Interests click on All Filters

Once you have defined your target audience on LinkedIn, copy that URL

Paste the URL on Define Target Audience

Press Enter on your keyboard and select Next

Step 3: Setup Connection Message and Follow-Up Messages

Click on Set Connection Message

Type a new message and personalize it with the Insert Tag or select a template created on the Template Tab.

Your message should resonate to your Target Audience.

Click on Set Follow-up message

Create your 1st follow up message and Add

If you would like to add a 2nd Follow-up click on Set Follow-Up Message create your message and Add.

Step 4: Setup your Delays and Withdraw Connections Request

Setup your first Delay.

The Follow-up message will be sent after the setup delay if the invitation to connect was accepted but they didn't reply with a message.

In case your request to connect was not accepted, setup the days to Withdraw the Connection Request between 7 - 20 days.

Click on Submit.

4. Your Sequence is ready to Start!

Step 5: Start your Sequence

Assign a number for invitations per day on the column Per Day limit.

If you are running several sequences at a time, your Daily Limit should be distributed within the sequences you will be running.

Start your New Sequence

Your sequence is now Active.

If you would like to make any changes to your sequence click on Pause under the Action column.

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