Reaching out to your 1st-degree connections or your network could be useful for the following reasons: new podcast coming out, hosting a webinar, hosting live video or you just want to communicate to your existing connections that you just changed careers.

Step 1: Create a New Sequence

Click on Sequences

Click on + Add New

Select Sequence Type ( Message Sequence)

Name your sequence based on your target audience or event, select the working hours and click on Next

Step 2: Search for your Target Audience on LinkedIn

Click on LinkedIn Search or Sales Navigator

Start with the keyword of your target, select People, click on connections and select 1st and Apply.

Once you have defined your target audience on LinkedIn, copy that URL

Paste the URL on Define Target Audience

Press Enter on your keyboard and select Next

Step 3: Setup Follow-Up Message

Since you're reaching out to your existing connections then you will set up Follow-Up Message

Craft your message, use tags to personalize your message and Add

If you would like to follow up with them after the first message, click on Set Follow-Up Message and Submit

Step 4: Start your 1st degree Sequence

Your Message Sequence will appear at the bottom of the Invitation Sequences and you will notice that the Message limit will be different from your Invites limit.

Enter your Per Day Limit number and click on Start

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