Issue: I am receiving an error when inputting my target audience URL from LinkedIn. Why is this?


Make sure you are pressing "Enter" on your keyboard after pasting in the URL.

How To Create an Invitation Sequence ( 2nd & 3rd degree connections)

If you are using a SAVED LinkedIn Sales Navigator URL, you must first bring up your saved list and add ANY filter to it then remove the filter you just added. You may then copy the new URL and input it into Kennected. Otherwise, you may create a FRESH Sales Navigator search and use that URL without adding and taking away filters. (This information is also available in our Lead Flow Mastery Course Cloud Version which you should have received a link for following you purchase.)

How to use lists from Sales Navigator
How to use a saved search from Sales Navigator

Filter your target audience using the 3 basic filters: PEOPLE | CONNECTIONS | LOCATION

-Invitation Sequence

-Message Sequence

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