CSV Upload / Q&A

Is there a sample file that I should use?
Yes! You will find a Sample File when setting up your sequence under the Define Target Audience section.

download sample file

What to include on my CSV?
The fields shown in the sample file

The Gender, Position and Recent Post will help you craft a personalized message.

How should I save my file?
Do not use SYMBOLS (‘-_*”$%#!) when saving your file
Save file as a CSV (Comma delimited) (*.csv)

save file as CSV

How to keep track of prospects remaining to be processed?
Once you upload your CSV file select CSV Viewer.
You will find 3 Columns:
File Name
Sequence Name
Remaining to Process (haven’t received an invitation to connect)
On the top right of that section you will find “Show # Entries”; this refers to the number of URL prospects listed on your CSV file.

How many prospects can I list on my CSV?
There is no limit to how many URL’s you can add to your CSV. Just make sure all links are cohesive ( https://) and they should all be prospect’s LinkedIn URL profiles (not company profiles)

I had a CSV list of 20, only 16 received my invite. Why?
Remember that an Invitation Sequence is only for 2nd and 3rd degree connections. Only those will receive your invite.
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