Issue: How long does it take to send invitations to new prospects?


- It will take 1-3 minutes interval before sending an invitation. This is a security feature of Kennected to help ensure LinkedIn account security. Random intervals between sent requests is implemented to mimic human behavior.

- Your invite and follow-ups will be sent during the working hours you set up for your sequence.

Issue: Some one received my connection message out side of my working hours

- The connection message was sent when you sent our the invite but it will populate into your Inbox when your new connection accepted the invite.

Issue: If someone accepts my invite at 1:00 am and my delay for follow-up is 37 minutes, will they receive my message at 1:37 am?

- No, the follow-up message will remain in queue and will be sent within your working hours. Considering you have a set up for regular working hours.
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